Dapper Duos Celebs News Selfie of Bell and Dax Shepard Photographed

Selfie of Bell and Dax Shepard Photographed

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard had a night they’ll remember “forever and ever” watching Shania Twain at the Hollywood Bowl.

On Monday, Bell, 42, posted a series of photos and videos from the concert, including some images of them shot by Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson.

“Saw shaniatwain at the hollywoodbowl last night and sat next to some very nice walks.Bell wrote alongside the photos and video of Hanks and Wilson, both 66. “Dad was crying with the first song and the hikers kept taking pictures of us, but other than that, it was a perfect night!!!!”

In the foreground, the four of them are smiling for the camera, with Bell and Hanks, both sporting hats. Bell then captured Shepard crying while singing one of Twain’s songs in two videos, while the final photos show Hanks hilariously photographing the couple.

Hanks and Wilson’s presence on the show came a week after the pair made headlines following a misunderstanding on the red carpet of the 2023 Cannes Film Festival.

The couple attended the Asteroid City premiere on May 24 with their teammates and director Wes Anderson. A photo taken at the event showed Hanks with a wrinkled face and pointing while he and Wilson were talking to a staff member on the red carpet.

Wilson subsequently posted a screenshot of a report that her husband “appeared to be having a very terse interaction with a worker,” according to the photo. She denied the claim and clarified what was happening in the photo.

“His name is I can’t hear you. People are screaming. Do you like it? Where are we supposed to go?”Wilson wrote about the noisy red carpet experience. “But that doesn’t sell stories! Nice try. We had a great time! Go check out Asteroid City!”

On Thursday, Hanks gave a keynote address to Harvard University graduate students. The Ivy League school awarded the actor an honorary doctor of Arts degree when he joked that he graduated “without having done a little bit of work, without having spent time in class, without once entering this library.”

“I don’t know much Latin, I don’t really have a passion for enzymes, and world public policy is something I scan in the newspaper just before I make the Word,” he joked to graduates while speaking at the Harvard Yard Theatre Tercentenary, before urging students to confront “the indifference of a people who have been tired by the struggle.”

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