Dapper Duos Popular Celebs Woman Rescued from Partially Collapsed Building

Woman Rescued from Partially Collapsed Building

Rescue efforts were interrupted when Lisa Brooks, who had been hiding under her sofa for a whole day in fear, informed her family that she was still inside

Rescue efforts were interrupted when Lisa Brooks, who had been hiding under her sofa for a whole day in fear, informed her family that she was still inside

She was discovered after calling her daughter to tell them she was still inside, the Quad-City Times reported. After her rescue, she was taken to a local hospital but is not believed to be issue.

His nephew, Antoine Smith Jr., told the Quad-City Times that he was “overwhelmed with joy” after seeing his aunt alive. He and his family had been parked outside the building all day before Brooks was rescued.
“I burst into an overflow of emotions,” Smith said. “Because I held back so many things to be strong for everyone, and my family who was there, trying to keep them calm.”

The building, known as Davenport, collapsed unexpectedly on Sunday afternoon. Local police and fire departments responded to a report of a building collapse around 4:55 p.m., and more than a dozen residents were evacuated, according to a statement.

According to Mike Carlsten, Matson and Davenport fire chief, the integrity of the building was a concern before the partial collapse. Rescuers discovered a “large gas leak, with water leaking from all floors of the structure,” Carlsten said at a news conference reported by the Quad-City Times.

By 9:45 a.m. on Monday, local authorities had leaved efforts to rescue the fallen building and switched to a “recovery operation,” according to a police news release. They stated that the dogs had carefully combed the site and that no viable signs of life had been found and that no victims requiring rescue had been identified.

They added that the building was “structurally unsanitary” and therefore posed a peril to rescue workers.

City officials quickly sensed that the building was in imminent peril of further collapse, and shared plans to demolish the remaining structure to ensure the safety of the area.

But the residences protested, begging the police to continue searching for survivors and asking the city to halt demolition plans in the hope that their loved ones would return safely. They insist that more people, like Brooks, could be alive inside.

“Find our people! Find our staff!”they have changed in the videos broadcast today.

The city’s police department is trying to contact all the residents of the building, but several people are still not found.

“This situation is devastating for the residents of this building and also for our community,” Davenport Mayor Mike Matson said. “My sincere condolences to those who have lost their homes and property. My prayers are with the families of those who are still not found and for a speedy recovery of the issue.”

The demolition plans, NBC News reported, were now “being evaluated” according to the city.

“With the current structure in imminent peril of collapse, the need to demolish this building stems specifically from our desire to maintain as much safety as possible for the surrounding areas,” Rich Oswald, director of development and Neighborhood Services, said in a statement Tuesday morning. “We appreciate the expertise of the professionals collaborating on the site to determine the best way to achieve this.”

After the collapse, residents shared what they had heard and seen on Sunday afternoon.

Tadd Machovec, a building cleaner, remembers hearing “a lot of screaming and a lot of screaming” when part of the building collapsed.

“It didn’t last,” he told WQAD. “2 or 3 minutes and then the whole area was silent. I hope and pray that the screams I heard when the building collapsed weren’t from the people inside.”

Former tenant Andrew Sommer told KWQC: “I live in the building next door and we heard like a big crash, then shortly after we came out and saw the whole section of the building disappear.”

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